A hearing test in about 10 minutes

If you, a loved one, or your friends have doubts about your hearing ability, there is a fast and convenient way of finding out if you have a hearing loss and if a hearing aid can help you.  Simply schedule an appointment at any physician's office that provides the GOhear hearing healthcare program and in just 7-10 minutes, a professional hearing test will assess your ability to hear. If you are found to have a typical mild-to-moderate or moderate-to-severe hearing loss, the physician will offer you the opportunity to experience better hearing with GOhear quality hearing aids. Simple, fast and convenient.

And if there is something still holding you back from having a hearing test, rest assured that hearing aids have come a long way during the last several years. GOhear hearing aids are far too small to be seen easily and can be worn without embarrassment.

It has never been so easy
What can GOhear hearing aids offer you? 



There's no point in waiting

There is actually no good reason for people over the age of 60 not to have a hearing test. Typically, what holds people back from having a hearing test is the fear of a negative test result ("Is there something wrong with me now?"),  ignorance ("I can always do it later"), misconceptions ("But hearing aids are gigantic, flesh-coloured prostheses, aren't they?") or a negative image ("People who wear hearing aids are old and unsexy"). Visit our GOhear partner, and take the time to find out the truth. 

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