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“They were much much better than the hearing aids I was using; much clearer and more distinct in the hearing of audible sounds and words. I think you have a great product. I’ve used three different sets of hearing aids and non can compare with these. A great flawless design, very user friendly. I tell everybody who has hearing issues about these and will continue to do so. Thanks a lot of giving my hearing back! I think in every way the GOhear is better than my current hearing aids. These seem to fit my ear very well and I hardly notice these are even in my ear after a short time.”
Bob A.; 58, minister  

"I have been wearing both aids for a longer time today with great success. I LOVE THEM! Please have any prospect who is sitting on the fence about hearing aids to call me."
Chris W.;

“They are small and unnoticeable. My family never knew I was wearing them! In groups, I could hear so much better. Everyone was not muffled.
Joyce D. (first-time hearing aid wearer); 76, homemaker

“Thanks for a wonderful hearing experience. No feedback or whistling when talking on phone or getting hugs.”
Barbara B.; 72, retired

“They perform quite comparably to the $5,000 paid of hearing aids I regularly wear.”
Bruce T.; 68, retired

“I like the clarity. There is no discomfort or interference with my glasses.”
Doug D.; 57, commercial embroiderer

“I like that the hearing aids are very small and not noticeable at all … no one ever knows that I am wearing them. These hearing aids have improved my hearing a lot. I can now hear what people are saying with my back turned. I usually have to read their lips. In big groups, it is easier to understand individual people. They are more comfortable than expected; I can’t feel them behind my ear.”
Andrea K. (first time hearing aid wearer); 38, homemaker and substitute teacher

“After struggling with various types of hearing aids, thanks to GOhear, I feel and hear better than I have in years! Since I have narrow and sensitive ear canals, comfort has always been an issue. I can hardly feel I am wearing them and they are barely visible to others. Not only that, but the precise sound actually has helped me become more capable and confident when communicating with others. I rarely need to adjust them, even though they have four levels of amplification. When I discovered that these hearing aids cost less than half of what I paid for my last set, that was the icing on the cake!”
Amy R.; 49, party planner and former school teacher

"Thank you for giving me an important part of my life back. I have had a hearing loss for over 20 years. When it got to be a profound hearing loss four years ago, I went for help to a hearing aid company and purchased a $3,000.00 hearing aid. It was difficult to use due to amplified background noises (paper rustling etc.). As a result I stopped using the hearing aid. Now four years later, I saw an advertisement for GOhear that claimed to be technically advanced, was tested and fitted within an hour. I was understandably skeptical, but after my test and fitting, and at the cost of $750.00/each with no add-ons or extras, I have hearing aids that are all but invisible and with a sound and feel so good that I forget that I am wearing them. Congratulations on what I would call a revolution in the hearing aid industry.

P.S. It is nice to hear the birds chirping. I didn't realize how much I was missing until I could hear again."
Joseph T.; 74 Advertising Sales Executive

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