Fast and accurate

GOhear proprietary technology has automated the entire process, getting hearing aids on your ear in just 20 minutes, testing included.

In three simple steps your hearing is checked, your hearing is compared with the GOhear amplification profiles, and a digital mini-hearing aid is prepared for your ears.

Step 1: Hearing test. Our 7-10 minute hearing test reliably establishes whether you suffer from hearing loss or whether your hearing is considered normal. 

Step 2: Creation of the hearing profile. In the event of a hearing loss, our software establishes whether your hearing loss matches one of the 16 GOhear amplification profiles. In cases of unusual, complex or severe-to-profound hearing loss, your physician will most likely recommend you consult an audiologist or ear nose and throat physician. 

Step 3: Preparation of the hearing aid for you to wear. In just moments, your provider will measure your ear, prepare your custom fit GOhear hearing aid, will place them on your ears, and will explain their simple use. 

And all this in just 20 minutes.

How good are GOhear hearing aids?

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