You won't look at hearing the same way again

GOhear is a new, state of the art hearing aid that provides patients with better hearing in about one hour from physicians, saving you time and money. Sleek, small and comfortable to wear, GOhear fits behind the ear and is nearly invisible. 

GOhear advanced digital hearing aids provide technologies that greatly improve your ability to understand conversations, even in difficult environments:

  • Speech recognition technology

    Automatically distinguishes and amplifies speech sounds to help you better understand
    conversations, including when using your phone.

  • Advanced noise reduction system:

    Automatically suppresses unwanted background noise, like wind, air conditioning and fans, and helps you focus on what people are saying.

  • Auto-switching dual directional microphones:

    Provides optimal hearing performance by automatically switching between directional (ideal for focusing on speech and sounds in front of you) and omni-directional (ideal for hearing sounds all around, like when outdoors).

  • Advanced feedback cancellation:

    Automatically suppresses feedback (whistling) before you hear it. Even works great when using your phone.

  • Sudden sound suppression:

    Automatically reduces sudden loud noises before you hear them. Now turning the newspaper page, clapping, and other non-speech sounds are delivered at a comfortable level.

  • Volume control:

    4 volume settings, that you control, allow extra amplification or extra comfort when you need it.

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GOhear hearing aids sit behind the ear, discreetly hidden from view.