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Hearing aids are one of the most needed medical devices among older Americans, yet are generally avoided due to high cost, poor accessibility and lackluster benefit-to-cost ratio of traditional hearing aids. Most patients do not know how bad their hearing really is and are generally surprised when they are told the neighbor in the next apartment can hear their TV or are told their comments have nothing to do with the current topic at the dinner table. It typically requires a pivotal moment of embarrassment by the patient or desperation from the family to motivate the patient to get their hearing tested for hearing loss.

When patients finally do make the decision to get their hearing evaluated, 45% meet with their family physician to discuss their hearing loss and learn about their options. Because of the complexity of dispensing traditional hearing aids, physicians generally refer the patient to a specialist despite the fact that most states allow physicians to fit and dispense hearing aids. In fact, only 2% of the two million hearing aids sold in the U.S. last year were purchased through a physician's office.

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