Comorbidities present significant health risks

Research now supports what families and people with hearing impairment have known for years: hearing loss has far reaching and profound negative implications beyond just "not being able to hear". The magnitude of these implications, which can include the patient's emotional, physical, mental and overall general health, appear to have a direct correlation with the severity of the hearing loss.

Recent published studies support the issues patients and family members have been describing for years to audiologists and other hearing health care professionals. 25% of patients suffering from hearing loss are clinically depressed and there is strong evidence to support the likely causes and even the implications.

Hearing loss has been proven to negatively affect a patient's overall well being, as well as magnify medical conditions such as

  • dementia1
  • diabetes2
  • the risk of falling3 and 
  • socialization4

Hearing loss is not just a diagnosis that should be ignored or put on the back burner, it is a diagnosis that should be addressed and treated to help improve both the patient and loved one's overall quality of life.

Learn why 83% of patients with hearing loss are untreated

You can do something about untreated hearing loss

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