A new standard in primary hearing healthcare

With the GOhear innovation, Primary Care physicians can, for the first time, incorporate a simple program that allows them to quickly Screen, Diagnose, and Treat their patients with age-related hearing loss in their office.  Incorporating a primary hearing healthcare program will improve patient outcomes, save patients thousands of dollars, and significantly grow your practice.


Hearing screening is now required as part of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visits. Your staff can easily incorporate hearing screening during patient intake using our GOscreen screening device. In just seconds, your staff can objectively identify those patients that are likely to be suffering from hearing loss to the extent it is effecting their communication capability.  


Patients failing the hearing screening are scheduled to come back for a hearing test. Diagnosing patients for hearing loss has never been easier than with our GOtest FDA Type II automated audiometer. Simply instruct the patient, click the button on the laptop (included) and your patient self-administers the ANSI standard pure tone air conduction test which takes about 7-10 minutes.


Once the test is completed, our GOfit fitting software, with a click of the button, automatically analyzes your patient's hearing loss and determines which of our GOhear hearing aids is needed for each ear. It's that simple. Within 20 minutes, including testing time, you have GOhear hearing aids on your patient's ears and the magic begins ... you have just helped them "hear life again".

What is the GOhear approach?


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