The Revolution is hear

The GOhear team will work with you and your office to implement a primary hearing healthcare program in your practice to quickly and simply Screen, Diagnose and Treat your patients for hearing loss.

Our proprietary technology will improve patient outcomes and grow your practice.

  • GOscreen: Quick 30 second screening during patient intake

  • GOtest: Self-administered test takes just 7-10 minutes 

    • Diagnose with automated audiometer (FDA and ANSI compliant)
    • 2-3 minutes of staff time

  • GOhear: Simple Treatment improves patient's hearing and quality of life

    • Software selects appropriate hearing aid based on patient's hearing loss
    • New fitting technology gets hearing aids on the patient in 2-3 minutes
    • $1,500 for a pair will save your patients thousands
    • Cost up to 70% less than other advanced digital hearing aids

Proven proprietary product solution  

GOhear has simplified the process of screening, diagnosing and treating typical high frequency, age-related hearing loss.

GOtest automated audiometer  

GOhear has automated the testing process with GOtest, a FDA Class II automated audiometer that completes a patient self-administered pure tone air conduction hearing test per the ANSI standards in about 7-10 minutes. GOtest+ provides bone conduction testing and the full gamut of speech tests.

GOfit fitting software  

The GOfit fitting software automatically analyzes the patient's hearing loss and determines one of three outcomes:

  1. Matches 1 of 16 GOhear hearing loss profiles; the software identifies the appropriate GOhear device
  2. Not a candidate for GOhear solution; you will refer the patient for a fully customized solution
  3. No hearing loss; the patient should protect their ears and retest in two years

GOhear advanced mini-bte open-fit design  

The GOhear hearing aids are advanced digital hearing aids designed and pre-programmed for the 80% of hearing impaired that have high frequency, age-related hearing loss.

  • 16 hearing loss profiles fit 90% of those with mild-moderate hearing loss + many with moderate-severe high frequency hearing loss
  • GOhear comprises 4 hearing aids each with 4 Profiles for a total of 16 Profiles
  • 5,000+ highly satisfied wearers

State of the art technologies  

GOhear hearing aids have advanced digital technology similar to those found in $6,000 hearing aids (pair price). 

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Incorporate a hearing program into your practice

This is not only a simple way for you to help your patients rediscover hearing, but also for you to develop a new revenue and profit stream for your practice.